Reiki Treatments are for specific healing or general relaxation and are individually tailored to the client’s needs and condition. During a Reiki treatment, the client remains fully clothed at all times. No private parts of the body are touched and hands are placed on or just off the body.Sex, age and condition are of no concern, as the client’s own body controls the process. During the treatment, the client’s body draws the amount of energy it requires at either a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. The Reiki treatment is deeply peaceful, with soft, healing background music. Reiki energy is subtle and some people are more aware of feeling it than others. You may feel the heat and tingle in different parts of your body, or various degrees of heat and pressure coming from my hands, whether or not I am actually touching you and sometimes even if my hands are at a different area of your body. This often surprises people.During a Reiki session, it is common for clients to feel so deeply relaxed and peaceful that they fall asleep. Many people experience physical or emotional sensations as the energy of Reiki moves through them. However, everyone`s experience is unique and usually differs from one session to another, depending on how they are feeling and what they are specifically needing at the time.Typically, clients say afterwards that they felt a warmth and loving reassurance, and a peaceful, glowing radiance that flowed both through and around them.

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