Raka Tavashmi, Craniosacral Therapist

Raka is a craniosacral therapist, supporting health in the body, thoughts and feelings. Craniosacral therapy is powerful bodywork practice using light, sustained hand contact on a treatment table. It helps with physical and emotional challenges, often with good results for stubborn symptoms or those of unknown origin. It is a form of deep listening with the hands, which supports the body to express itself without words and release long-held patterns of tension.

In sessions people often experience feelings of deep relaxation, as gradually the body begins to unwind and soften. You will be supported to notice what is happening for you and to share any sensations, images, feelings and emotions that may come up.

Raka is also trained in counselling skills and trauma recovery. There is space for dialogue and working without touch, through guided experiential exercises and a respectful relationship.

Some people respond well after 3-5 sessions of craniosacral work, while many choose to use this as an ongoing resource to support recovery from long-standing conditions and maintain overall health.

Fees are £45 for an hour. 

Phone 07731198631 (please leave a voicemail or text if there’s no answer) 

Cranial Sacral Therapist Ediinburgh
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