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Theta Healing® is an Energy-Healing modality that focuses on changing the limiting belief patterns held within the subconscious mind. 
Approximately 90% of what we create in our lives, the memories we store and the beliefs we have are like an ice-berg underneath the surface of our conscious awareness. Within a Theta Healing session it is possible to access the root cause of an issue by identifying the belief that is creating the experience or holding on to the stored trauma. Then with permission from the client the old belief can be easily released and replaced with what the person really wants in their life. This technique is effective in gaining clarity, support and direct help with many life areas including: 
  •  Health issues
  •  Relationships 
  •  Manifesting what you truly want
  •  Money and Abundance
  •  Healing trauma
  •  Self worth and esteem
  •  Career and Business
A 1 hour session with Jennifer is £115. There is a 48 hour cancellation policy on all bookings, after this time refunds will not be available. 
To learn more and to read customer testimonials visit Jennifer's website:
Mobile: 07925867371
Jennifer Cain Theta Healing Santosa
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