Wudang Taijiquan

Taijiquan (pronounced Tie-jee-Chwahn, often called Taiji or Tai Chi) is a series of soft, slow movements. Taiji at its core is a practice of balancing yin and yang (opposite forces within ourselves). It teaches us how to conceal hardness within softness and use fluidity and awareness to overcome obstacles.

In the context of a modern life, this practice lends itself greatly to a personal practice of mindful awareness and physical development.

The continuous practice of Taijiquan gives you the greatest gift you can receive; Health through Stillness. Modern life is about doing more, faster, better, and never stopping. This practice allows you to open space inside your life to relax and simply exist. Being still, being calm and removing expectations allows your body to heal and revitalise in unexpected and wondrous ways.

For those who have practiced Taiji before, the Wudang style originating in the Wudang Mountains of China is most akin to Yang style with its open and flowing movements. Classes taught by Master Ben are non-combative and are a gateway to physical health and mindful awareness of self and surroundings.

Classes typically include basic warm-ups, light stretching, standing meditation as well as the basics and form work of Taijiquan. The only pre-requisites are comfortable clothing, flat soled shoes and a ready smile as we begin our journey.

For further information please visit www.wudangaus.com or contact Master Ben by one of the following.

Email: wudangaustralis@gmail.com

Phone: 07835148155

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WudangAustralis/

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