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Through yoga I have found the peace and concentration that comes with sustained effort and consistency of practice. Yoga has had such benefits for me in my life that sharing my practice with others and guiding them on that path seemed such a natural choice to make. Passing on what I have discovered in my own training is a great joy that I hope to share with you.

“practice for your students, teach for yourself.’

I firmly believe that Yoga is for every one regardless of body type or abilities. Stephen Paterson Yoga Teacher Santosa

No one can instagram the way you are feeling the stretch in your own body. A Yogi with their legs over their head in a handstand will be feeling a similar stretch to someone doing their first back bend in Cobra pose. I teach in a way that no matter where you are on your yoga journey you will be guided safely into postures with modifications given so that indeed No Yogi will be left behind.

Having recently endured major reconstructive surgery on my femur I understand intimately the principle of working within your abilities. This includes being gentle with yourself, knowing when to push but knowing when to release the frustration when we find our limits and working with what you have. Recovering form injury has been a great teacher. The lessons that yoga taught me in this process were not just physical. Mentally and emotionally the recovery period can feel long and never ending. Yoga taught me that time and consistency of effort are important factors in all aspects of life.

“Yoga teaches us to heal what can be healed and endure what must be endured” B.K.S Iyengar

My practice includes Ashtanga Primary series, Hatha Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. I bring what I have learned through these practices into my teaching and believe that all these forms are a compliment to each other. In the classes you will be guided through alignment and engagement principles with a focus on strong general form.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing our practice together.

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