Gill Mathews

Gill’s practice of meditation, yoga and mindfulness psychology span 20 years. She trained as a yoga teacher with the Inner Yoga Trust during 2006-2009 and as a mindfulness teacher in 2009. Since 1997 she has followed the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist master and one of the foremost mindfulness practitioners in the world. Over the past 2 years Gill has attended Scaravelli yoga workshops where she has learned more about the spine and how to work at a more subtle level of awareness. These teachings harmonise with her holistic view of practice which focuses on the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of experience using yoga-inspired movement within the context of mindfulness to promote personal transformation and healing. Students are encouraged to develop self-awareness by working with the breath-body-mind relationship to promote inner connectivity and to help awaken their own innate capacity for self-healing. Mindful movement is used to release areas of tension and resistance, gradually improving flexibility and alignment. With regular practice overall health and well-being is enhanced, bringing inner freedom, energy and vitality to the body.

Gill’s professional background is in healthcare. She worked within the NHS as a nurse, midwife, health visitor and nurse researcher. She then undertook a post-graduate diploma in teaching and learning in Higher Education followed by doctoral studies. Her PhD research examined mindfulness experience in people living with long-term conditions and she has a good understanding of the scientific evidence behind mindfulness as well as its practice both in traditional and secular formats. Over many years Gill has been involved in guiding mindfulness retreats, group courses and individual tuition. Her belief in the potential of mindfulness to promote health and well-being is based on long-term experience and observation of its beneficial effects in people from all different walks of life.

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