Erin Fowler, Qoya Women’s Movement

Erin is immersed in the feminine arts. She is an award winning dancer/choreographer and musician and her creative work includes the internationally toured solo dance work FEMME which explores femininity and the pressures of being a woman in the modern age and, the environmental dance film GAIA ( in which she embodies Gaia, the earth goddess. She teaches embodied movement to actors at a tertiary level and has studied Daoist martial arts in Wudangshan, China on numerous occasions.

Her holistic work includes teaching Qoya as well as facilitating women’s circles, mother blessings and other sacred gatherings. Her theatrical background invites a sense of richness and creativity in the spaces she holds. She also works closely with the Eliyah Tantra School in Australia.

Erin is very connected to her inner child and is always happy to make a fool of herself or have a laugh to ensure people feel comfortable. She loves holding space for women to come together and connect, to feel good in their bodies, to awaken their senses and to connect with their feminine essence. Qoya gives her the opportunity to share her life’s true love – dance and movement – in a way that is accessible to anyone.

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