Santosa Event: AcquaViva Yoga are coming to Edinburgh – Friday 20th October

Santosa 21 Albert St. Edinburgh EH7 5LH

AcquaViva Yoga are returning to Edinburgh this October and basing their Scottish yoga teacher training programme and workshops at Santosa throughout 2017 and 2018. Marc J Acquaviva works regularly with Diane Long and Peter Blackaby and is one of the most respected Scaravelli teachers. With two introductory

workshops and the popular Joint Clinic scheduled at the studio in October, there are lots of opportunities to work with him and explore his teaching before the next AcquaViva Yoga teacher training course starts.

Introductory AcquaViva Workshop ‘Creating the Conditions’

with Marc J Acquaviva 28 October, 10.30 – 4.30pm (for dedicated practitioners, teachers and enthusiastic mind-body explorers) and

Pelvic Health Yoga Workshop

with Abigail Peck, 29 October, 10.30 – 4.30pm (women only) suitable for beginners, bodyworkers, long term students and yoga teachers.

Booking: Acquaviva

AcquaViva Yoga – The Joint Clinic | Friday 20th October from 2  – 5 pm

This workshop is suitable for teachers and enthusiastic yoga practitioners…. bring ANY issue and see what can be done!!

The series is designed to cover how to restore natural function in each of the major joints and articulations of the body. For the last decade and a half, Marc has been helping restore natural function for people with all manner of joint issues – knee problems, hip and sacroiliac issues, fibrosis and arthritic conditions – with phenomenal success.

Acquaviva school of yoga edinburgh

Marc’s methodology involves understanding joints as ‘relationships’ and becoming familiar with how each joint ‘likes’ to move and release (in-depth joint mechanics). The solutions lie in reawakening natural/confluent patterns of movement and support in a way that simply removes the conflict that is causing the currently experienced dysfunction. In the approach, there is usually immediate improvement, which inevitably increases with accuracy, and in the moment of ‘getting it just right’, function can be instantly restored (which can be offered with accurate hands-on guidance).

Costs: you can book individual workshops for £30 (space permitting). Numbers will limited to ensure that each attendee gains the experience and understanding they need (payment is via paypal on the Acquaviva website

More info: Acquaviva Facebook page 

More info about Santosa:  Santosa Therapies 





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