Interested in teaching a regular class at Santosa?

All our classes are led by self-employed teachers on a studio hire basis. If you are interested in bringing a regular class to our timetable the:

  • Hire rates are £20/hour weekdays and £25/hour for evenings/weekends
  • Studio hire is payable strictly in advance of each month, on the 28th
  • Studio asks teachers to make a minimum three-month rolling commitment to the timetable.

Please be realistic about how much work is needed to attract students to a new class. It may be some months before your class is full. Starting a new class requires considerable marketing by both the teacher and the studio. You will need to provide us with:

  • A well designed A4 Poster and A6 Flyers
  • An interesting class description and short teaching biography
  • Your Class Pricing to include Block, Drop-in and Concession rates
  • A high-res, head and shoulders photo for the website.

The Studio recommends that you invest time in placing your poster locally and can give a list of suggested places. Don’t rely on Social Media for your promotion – this only reaches a small proportion of people who might be interested.

To support our regular teachers the studio offers a promotion package that includes:

  • Advertising of your event on our in-house display boards, studio desk and windows. Please provide A6 flyers/posters.
  • Highlighted in the MBS Menu in the Cafe and on our website’s Home Page Upcoming Events (minimum of two-weeks inclusion).
  • Dedicated social media posts specific to your event.
  • Inclusion of one Blog Article highlighted across our social media platforms

Still interested in teaching a regular class at Santosa?

  1. Make sure you have visited the studio and seen the space, facilities and equipment.
  2. Please check-out the online timetable and see which time slots are available.
  3. Email requesting a copy of the Studio Hire Booking Form, complete and return it to us so we can arrange a suitable time for you to come in and have a chat about your teaching and how we can work together.

The studio is a beautiful, tranquil space looking out onto the shared garden. There are approximately 15 mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks/bricks, meditation cushions and eye pillows. There are a number of chairs in the Sanctuary that can be used in the studio if required.

The studio is 50 m2 in a regular rectangle shape with space for 15-18 mats. It is a multi-use space, suitable for all types of floor work, teaching, meditation and group work. Everyone attending classes, workshops or courses has a 10% Cafe discount and the Studio offers catering options for groups if required.


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