Weaving Ancestral Wisdom

‘Weaving Ancestral Wisdom’ is coming to Scotland in June 2019!

This FULL MOON event aims to work deeply with the Motherline and ancestral DNA patterns. We access these energies through your energetic ‘womb space’ to unlock stagnant beliefs, conditions and emotions that have coloured your life and decision making for generations. We then acknowledge, call in and reconnect you with your ancestors through your womb space, remembering, reconnecting and reclaiming your divine truth and power.

The intention is both to integrate you fully with the wisdom of your ancestors, increasing your vibration to match that of the landscape. This work is deep, profound and transformative.  I welcome all women who are ready to step up, own their power and live with purpose.

Exchange is $111 (AUD) / approx. 61 British Pounds. A payment plan option is also available with secure EziDebit.

Laura Elizabeth is a Scottish born Author, International Radio Host, Self Healing Coach and Holistic Therapist, based in the Perth Hills of Western Australia. It is her intention to inspire others on their own journey to remember, reconnect and reclaim their truth and power by sharing her understanding of spiritual processes and being of service.

  • June 16, 2019
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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