Ways of the Wild Woman, Immersive Retreat

28 and 29 September 9 – 7 pm | 9am – 7pm both days

The Wild Woman is waking up.
Can you feel her in your bones?
Women all over the world are reclaiming their wild.
And with it, their aliveness, their voices, their Truths, their joy.TO BOOK email Jenny: jennyroseyoga@gmail.com

You are invited to join this deep dive immersion into what it means to be a wild woman.
This is an invitation to awaken.
To remember how it feels to be perfect exactly as you are in your own body.
To find your voice. To speak your truth.
To listen to your body. To understand its needs.
To set clear boundaries so you can show up in the world powerfully.
To step out of fatigue, energy drains, and feeling like the demands of the day are just too much.
To step out of low lying or high functioning depression and anxiety.
To rewrite the script of your life and choose to live it in the way you desire.
To reclaim your natural wellspring of energy.
Your belly laughter. Your sacred tears. Your sacred rage. Your sacred blissful state of pleasure.
Your YES.
To discover your North Star. Your purpose of why you are here.
To fully step into this one wild and precious life.
And be madly in love with it.
The only way a wild woman knows.

Women all around the world are waking up, and choosing to step back into their natural, wild nature.
Will you join them?

£200 early bird (before 5th August), £220 full price


The two day retreat will allow us to come fully back into our bodies, and explore all aspects of our wild women nature.

This includes:

• a powerful container with other women to dive deep into your own process. this will be held by Jenny who has been running sacred spaces for women for over three years, and is trained in women’s tantric and taoist practices, trauma sensitive release systems, breathwork, and creates an incredible safe and sacred space.

• creating a new dialogue with the body, to really hear its needs, and create a relationship of trust

• boundary setting. diving deep into boundaries, and why our culture’s inherent lack of healthy boundaries is one of our biggest energy leaks

• fatigue, hormone imbalance, mood swings. looking at all the common factors that cause these, and beginning to create healthy habits that allow us to overcome chronic fatigue and low energy, and move back to our natural state of THRIVING

• exploring the archetypes of the wild woman, and how we can embody those, and use them for powerful self-growth

• breathwork, somatic release and embodiment practices to move stuck energy and emotion through the body, so we can find more spaciousness in our hearts

• a special womb-journey cacao ceremony

• awakening Eros: the primal source of all life energy, and understanding how important it is to activate and consciously run our Eros in our lives

• a sensual reconnection to ourselves in a safe container

• sisterhood connection, and creating a very safe container that allows a deep dive into our most important relationship: the one with ourselvse, and our bodies.


Jenny has been running women’s circles in for over 3 years, and women’s cacao ceremonies with a community of women in Edinburgh.

She is a yoga teacher, specialising in yoga therapy and using yoga to heal from chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, as well as women’s hormone balance and womb wellness.

She is a Womb Awakening facilitator, a doula (Red Tent Doulas Scotland) and is currently studying with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality in Tantric and Taoist practices to empower women and reconnect them to their sensual natures, as well as be a love, sex and relationship coach.

She creates an incredibly safe space in which women can relax into themselves and the sisterhood. Her life’s work is to reconnect women to their birthright of pleasure and power. She believes that when women, and all humans, come home to their bodies, and begin to cultivate their own energy, release blocks and trauma, and exist in a state of YES and pleasure, they reconnect to the earth, their communities, and their own purpose.

Having overcome an eating disorder, childhood trauma, adrenal fatigue, and hormone imbalance with irregular cycles after 10 years on the contraceptive pill, she has used all these modalities and practices to fully move from surviving with low-lying fatigue, depression and a wired nervous system, to thriving.

If you have any questions, and are curious about the retreat but want to chat it through, then please get in touch! Just email Jenny and she’ll chat it all over with you ♥ jennyroseyoga@gmail.com

  • September 28, 2019
    9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • September 29, 2019
    9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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