The Art of Zen Spring Wellness Retreat | 5 May 2019

The Art of Zen – Spring Wellness Retreat is here – open your heart and spring-clean your body! Our theme for the day is: ” Awakening the joy and wisdom of the heart” & “Internal Spring Detox”.

“An open heart is an open mind” said Dalai Lama.

At this Wellness Retreat we are going to explore our heart space and will experience the very nature of our hearts, which is:

  • the seat of wonder
  • all-round gratitude
  • uninhibited kindness
  • and true generosity.

Why is this important?

Awakening of the heart is one of the key stages in our development as it gives us a more open and trusting relationship with life. A maturing of the heart space brings the recognition that we are connected to life as a wave to the Ocean. The Ocean of Life that will always sustain and support us.

The heart might be blocked due to our unresolved conflicts, hurts or traumas. We might find ourselves wearing this heavy suit of armour to protect ourselves from the threat that is no longer there. As we remove the armour we realize how much lighter and spacious it feels. Removing the armour takes courage and requires a safe, trusting space and healthy boundaries to be set in place. Letting go is fundamental to the genuine healing and deepening of our heart.

At this retreat we are going to engage our hearts and explore such values as love and kindness, forgiveness and gratitude. We will explore how by practising this values in our daily life could create more connection, trust and space in our heart.

The day will include a number of practical workshops, movement and breath, holistic massage – all aiming to explore and open our hearts.


In the FIRST PART OF THE DAY, we will get you out of your head and into your body through yoga inspired movement and breath. We will take time to dust away any heavy emotions that you might be carrying around the heart space, so your true nature can shine through effortlessly and uninhibited. Through these practises we will not only live more fully, but we will also relate to others in a more caring and loving way.

At LUNCH TIME we will have a selection of fresh fruit, teas, home-made dips and bakes. You will have plenty of time to savour your food, journal, make art in our Creative Corner, or just rest.

During the day you will have a 30-minutes BESPOKE MASSAGE with organic essential oils in our Wellness Caves smelling of lavender, oranges and thyme.

In the SECOND PART OF THE DAY, we will have a professional nutritionist coming to educate and inspire us on how we can Spring Detox internally. Each participant will receive a detailed detox plan to follow at home. Our wise nutritionist is also specialized in supporting women before and through menopause, so another golden star for that.

And to top it all up, there will be surprise herbal potions for each one of you to take home to support an open heart with clear boundaries and plenty of love to give, way after this workshop is history.

£75 by 1st April for a full day pass (including lunch and one-to-one massage, as well as all the workshops) | £85 after 1st April

NOTE:  a limited number of Concession Tickets are available for students and unemployed.

You are warmly invited to be part of this day of wholesome connection 🙂

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  • May 5, 2019
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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