Mindful Qi Gong

Wednesdays | 10 – 11 am

Qi Gong is an ancient health system (Qigong is a holistic health system) that includes slow movements, breathing exercises and visualizations techniques to activate the energy and harmonize its flow. Literally it means working with the energy.

In traditional Chinese medicine the flow of energy Qi along channels or meridians in the body is viewed as central to a person’s health and well being, with illness being attributed to restricted or blocked Qi flow within the body. To be able to build and direct the Qi flow in your body will enhance your health and reduce the chance of illness.

Practicing Qigong strengthens the connection and integration between the body, mind and human life force and promotes the body’s own self-healing processes.

Marta Regina Mindfulness and Qi Gong SantosaLed by Marta Regina who combines her practice of Qi Gong with Mindfulness which provides for a unique experience what is happening in the body and a better understanding of how to promote self-healing.

The goal of the class is not only longevity but happiness and good health, to give a sense of harmony and demonstrate how they can achieve a balanced and less stressful lifestyle.

Pricing Information:

– Drop In: £10 | £7 concession

– Block of 4 weeks: £32 | £28

Please email marta@martaregina.com for details of how to book and with any suggestions or questions. For more information visit martaregina.com.


  • March 6, 2019
    10:00 am - 11:00 am


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