This relaxing beginners yoga class offers a holistc balance of asana, meditation, pranayama and mantra with an emphasis on the breath and awareness. Led by Ellie Clarke, the class nurtures our flow of breath, encouraging the practice of moving meditation, using the breath to find space inwardly, allowing an expanded level of consciousness and raised awareness in body, mind and spirit.

The class begins with a short relaxation in Sivasana, bringing awareness to the breath through deep abdominal breathing leading to the full yoga breath, preparing a deeper sense of presence and awareness. The sequence of asana is carefully selected to bring a complete range of movement to the spine, as well as a balance of effort and allowing – of yin and yang. Classes end with pranayama practice and a guided meditation followed by metta.

All equipment is provided - just bring yourself with an open mind and be ready to relax, renew and recharge...

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