About our teachers

Our teachers are drawn from the many different schools and practices of yoga, offering a wide variety of classes, workshops and teacher training courses to suit all levels and abilities. Find out more about our teachers, their training and what inspires them to teach here.

Pauline Sawyer – Director of Yoga

Pauline Sawyer is our studio director, lending her 30 + years experience of yoga teacher training to shape our timetable and courses. As one of the UK's most respected and inspiring teachers, Pauline co-founded the Inner Yoga Trust in 1993 with Jenny Beeken.

Her current teacher is Diane Long, herself one of Vanda Scaravelli's five students ... Pauline teaches regularly from the studio leading advanced workshops and is available for private yoga therapy sessions and one to one mentoring.

Heather Burns – Pregnancy & Ashtanga Flow

Through pregnancy I’ve seen yoga in a different light. It has empowered me with tools and techniques that even now my children, who are their own little practicing yogis, still benefit from today.

In my prenatal classes I aim for an all inclusive, safe, yet effective and informative yoga practice – whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, the classes aim to inspire and bring empowerment. In recent years Ashtanga has been my practice of choice and I have the honour of furthering my teachings with John Scott & Lucy Crawford Scott, David Keil and Greg Nardi.

Brigid Collins – Restorative & Hatha

I trained with Yoga Scotland and my practice and teaching of yoga continue to be inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of my teachers. Each of them has so generously shared insights into the rich variety of forms of yoga, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, as well as their knowledge of Yoga philosophy. I feel privileged to have studied with such wonderful teachers and feel particular appreciation for the breath-centered, meditative approach that continues to inspire how I practice and teach yoga. My classes suit all levels of ability, as appropriate modifications are always offered.

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Ellie Clarke – Akhanda & Yoga Nidra

I've practiced yoga since 2006, but my yoga journey truly began in 2010 in the foothills of the Himalayas. This is where I met teacher Yogrishi Vishvaketu Ji at the International Yoga Festival on the banks of the Ganges. I knew from that moment I would return to his ashram to study yoga.

Following several more trips to India, I completed the YTT200 qualification in Akhanda yoga in Rishikesh with my sister Annie and Shambo Yoga was born from our profound experience in India.

Sharon Iacono – Yin Yoga, Flow & Yoga for Sports

After 20 years of practice, I finally took the step to become a yoga teacher and follow my dream! I trained with the Classical Yoga School in Perth and am now embarking on a new journey studying with Chi Therapeutics, based in Finland. As a keen cyclist and spinning instructor, I have a great interest in teaching yoga to people who do sports - it is such a complimentary practice for every activity that puts pressure on the muscles, fascia and joints. My classes are generally a mix of yoga styles dependent on the class, and involve building strength, flexibility and stretching those overused muscles and fascia. I especially love teaching beginners as I really find it is so important to start from the basics and build a strong foundation in your practice. Hope to see you on the mat!

Roz Zyw – Children’s Yoga & Hatha

Roz brings an exclusive range of yoga skills to her classes at Santosa. Originally trained as an occupational therapist, Roz discovered how yoga practice benefited her own life and wished to share this with others. She has completed up to 1000 hours training in Hatha, Ashtanga, Flow and Yin yoga. More recently, Roz has completed specialist training taught by the founder and lead practitioner of The Special Yoga Foundation, Jo Manuel. This training allows Roz to successfully teach yoga and mindfulness to all children to include children with special and additional needs.

To sum up her practice Roz suggests “yoga has become a lifestyle for me; it helps me deal with the challenge of juggling a busy family, work and social life. My goal is to encourage students to experience the positive effects of connecting the mind and body through yoga; you’re never too young or too old to embark on your journey!”

Veronika Dudasova – Pilates & BarreConcept

Passionate about fitness and health, I've taught Pilates since 2007 and for many years specialised in teaching dynamic Pilates on the Reformer. In 2013, I trained in the BarreConcept method, becoming one of the first trainers in the UK. I fell in love with it; it was everything I wanted from a workout. It’s effective, challenging, precise and provides tons of variety.

I'm inspired and motivated by my clients’ goals and strength. There’s no better feeling than to watch someone at the barre get through each move with excellent form and determination. It’s up-lifting and inspires me to be a part of this. I enjoy creating tough, energising sessions, but most of all aim to make every workout fun.

Demelza Feltham – Yin Yang Flow

For me, Yoga is alive. The way we engage with our practice should reflect the transitory nature of our lives, but also respect its position as an anchor. I ground most of my practice and classes in both Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Tantric Yoga traditions, and believe in allowing them to come to life somatically in the body. For me, yoga should be a humbling practice, explored with humility and integrity. To practice at ones edge, breeds rigidity in mind and body, and closes us off to curiosity. It is important to keep a softness so as we can access all the wisdom contained in our own intuition. I love, teach and practice both Vinyasa and Yin, and am a huge advocate of both to provide balance, and create a wholesome practice.

Martina Bergma – Rise and Shine Mind Body Balance

Yoga helped me to heal many injuries giving me insight and tools to help others through my teaching. It has helped me manage stress while I was working as a journalist and it is still helping me to deal with quirks of motherhood. I have finished RYT 200 and started my Yoga teaching path eight years ago. In that time I have been teaching different styles like Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga, Restorative and Yoga Nidra. What I find fascinating still is that each and every time I step on the mat or enter a class I know I will learn something new. In Yoga there is always somewhere to go with your practice even on a bad day. There is always a way to evolve.

My quantum leap in Yoga was building up a practice after low back and pelvic injury. From hypermobile Yogini who can do any pose from Yogic books I was down-leveled to three poses I could do without pain. Practice as I once knew it didn't exist anymore. My flexible body was over flexible causing me constant pain. There was a short period of time when all the therapists were telling me Yoga is not good for my condition. Why I didn't give up? The practice, even when down-leveled as it was in that time was bringing me so much benefits mentally my heart was telling me I must not ignore that. It was a long journey but it formed a safe strengthening practice that is evolving in every class I do. My practice is Forrest and Yin Yoga inspired. These are both therapeutic styles and as such can be tailored for every practitioner beginner as well as advanced student. I could talk for hours why they are so beneficial but I've always found personal experience to be the best guidance. If you want to evolve your practice then I would definitely recommend trying Mind Body Balance Yoga.

Jane Mann – Yoga for Beginners

I love the deepening connection that I have with myself, others and nature which has come through yoga. The main focus in my class is to connect movement with the breath and to bring awareness to the present moment. For me this practice has been transformational.

Over the years yoga has facilitated some profound healing for me. It allows me to flow more easily through the choppy waters of life. It helps me to relate to myself and others from a more open and compassionate heart space and for this I am so grateful. Yoga helps me to feel more balanced and peaceful inside and I want to share this gift with others.

Gill Mathews – Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga

Since 1997 I've followed the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist master and one of the foremost mindfulness practitioners in the world. My training with the Inner Yoga Trust and continued practice with many of the Scaravelli teachers harmonise with my holistic view of practice. My students are encouraged to develop self-awareness by working with the breath-body-mind relationship to promote inner connectivity and to help awaken their own innate capacity for self-healing. Mindful movement is used to release areas of tension and resistance, gradually improving flexibility and alignment. With regular practice overall health and well-being is enhanced, bringing inner freedom, energy and vitality to the body. I've recently completed a PhD research in mindfulness experience for people living with long-term health conditions.

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