You'll always find the warmest welcome whenever you drop-in to Albert Street!

Janis: last time we checked, she was still 'breathing in.. still breathing out...' find out more about her journey, courtesy of Yoga Matters.

Ruby, Santosa Shop Wallah with Misty the Muppet, our very own Therapy Dog Love Bomb (but don't take your eyes' off your lunch!)

Maija - Santosa Therapy & Studio Manager with Mario, her support act!


Steven - keeping busy!

Steven at Santosa

Anders, Santosa Digital Nomad "have you tried turning it on and off again?"

Mafa - otherwise known as 'Mini Maija' and always laughing:

Mafa - Santosa Team

Ian the Eternal Fisherman's Friend - just add a beard and you'll spot him lurking in the background, often horizontal... ssshht!

Pauline - The Boss, Yogini Style

Chris - Social Media Wallah, otherwise known as a walking plague of locusts... he arrives... he eats... and eats... repeat. Repeat.

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